Specializing in Ear Reflexology


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Michelle RESETS your

Core Vibration

to it’s proper frequency

so that all aspects of your being, the

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Physical

are synchronized leaving you ...

Recharged Revitalized

Rejuvenated and ready to


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I AM HEALER is now available for immediate upload!

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First hand accounts of what some have to say about their experience with Michelle

Some of the Ears Michelle has squeezed

Feeling STRESSED??
Bust Stress in 60 seconds flat
No lotions or potions
needles, electrodes or knives
Just your fingers and your ears !!http://www.iamhealer.org/iamhealer/Ear-Mergency_First-Aid/Entries/2012/5/16_Bust_Stress_in_60_seconds_flat!.html